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Jordana Wheeler

Deopham Play Park Project 

Deopham and Hackford Parish Council are currently working on a project to improve the play equipment and parking at Deopham Playing Field. After a year of research, planning, sourcing quotes and funding for the project the first stage of installation of new play equipment  was completed in January 2023. After successful fundraising and receiving a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, the second stage of installation took place in January 2024. The final stage includes installing some further play equipment and the creation of a new car park. Fundraising for this stage is underway. Find out more about the project here.

The Villages of Deopham & Hackford 

Deopham and Hackford are two settlements in South Norfolk. Deopham is larger than Hackford and they were grouped together for the purposes of the parish council in 1935. There are two churches, Deopham playing field (including the play park) and Gralix Hall (community building). It is a rural community with a rich history, surrounded by farmland and beautiful views. More information on the history of the parish is available via a website run independently by a local resident with a passion for Deopham. The Net is the community newsletter for the Parish of High Oak (including Deopham & Hackford). For further information on contributing to, or receiving The Net please contact the editor directly at

 The parish prides itself in its strong sense of community and its passion for protecting the character and rural nature of its surroundings.  

The Parish of Deopham & Hackford has an electorate of approx. 430 people and about 210 properties. It is within the ward of Hingham and Deopham within South Norfolk Council.  The parish also sits within the Hingham Ward of Norfolk County Council.

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