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Deopham & Hackford Villages

Deopham is a village situated between Wymondham to the east, Hingham to the west and Attleborough to the south.  It is a linear village with no real centre but made up of distinct areas such as Low Common, Coldham Green, and Deopham Green. There is a church, St. Andrews, a community hall - Gralix Hall and a Playing Field. There is a resident football team who use the pitch at the playing field, AG Athletic. There is no school, shop or pub.


Hackford is the smaller of the two villages. There is a church, St. Marys, but not much else! It lies to the north of Deopham and is between Hingham and Wicklewood. It is made up of two lanes, Church Lane and Kings Head Lane which are connected by a footpath through the church. There is also Hall Lane and Hingham Road.


The Parish of Deopham & Hackford has an electorate of approx. 430 people and about 210 properties. It is in the South Norfolk Council (SNC) and is in the ward of Hingham & Deopham and Cllr Yvonne Bendle is the SNC councillor.  The Norfolk County Councillor for the Hingham area is Cllr Margaret Dewsbury.

St Andrew's Church, Deopham
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